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    Conscious Energy

    Want a brand that is geeking hard but has a purpose?

    Conscious Energies is a unique brand that aims to turn peoples passion for science fiction and make it science reality.

    We would like to deliver fresh articles relating to Science, Technology, Physics, geek culture, and Engineering.

    In order for that to happen, we need your help in funds that ultimately free up more time to create a team to write these articles.  

    Conscious Energies was founded by Diadon Acs to help fund Hydrogen Fusion Technology. 5% of all profits go towards a Harmonic Fusion experiment that operates on fundamental principles of nature.... ... theoretically  😅

    It's purpose is to engineer a better future of abundant energy that has the potential to bring us into a new golden age.

    Hydrodynamic Star in a Jar

    Most of this crap usually sounds like snake oil.

    That's why Diadon created Conscious Energies to delivery quality products in an equal exchange.

    If you believe in the vision, your support is greatly appreciated. If you think all our products are not very interesting, but would still like to support us, you can donate as little as $5 Dollars here: 

    Donate to our Fusion!

     We don't make any claims until they are empirically confirmed.

    Stay tuned!

    We do business as Conscious Energies LLC. Check us out at www.cedigitalmedia.com


    The 10 Year Business plan

    ce digital media cover pageClean and Abundant Energy Conscious Energies10 Year Plan of Conscious Energies LLCConscious Energies TimelineConscious Energies Mission & SciTech Syndicate Mission

    For more information on Fusion technology you can read this article: https://scitechsyndicate.com/blogs/fusion-news/what-is-nuclear-fusion


    Here is some past research that needs more development.